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‏‏Computer Guard Technologies Ltd is an Israeli based company that specializes in the field of Innovative ID Solutions. Incorporated in Israel for over 30 years, Computer Guard has grown to be a leading company in developing and marketing a wide range of products and services for the ID solutions market, employing over 70 professionals who serve thousands of satisfied local and International customers. Our strength is in our excellent service.
Our Vision is:

"To be the leading most favorable group in ISRAEL for ID Solutions and Loyalty Clubs, giving its employees an ample room for self-fulfillment alongside involvement and contribution to the community"

Computer Guard Operates in three major activities:

ID Solutions – the primary Business Unit which Promote selling ID Solutions Products and Services

Project Management – a secondary BU, which initiate and promote selling prolonging ID project management such as personalized ID card issuance on the field, events and trade show registration services and more.

Loyalty Club Management – a Computer Guard Daughter company which establishes and Manages successful loyalty clubs and consumer benefits programs.

Computer Guard is a leading manufacturer, importer and distributor of all kind of PVC and Composite cards. We market the cards for a variety of uses such as, membership cards, loyalty cards, key cards for hotels, access control badge, employee tag, student cards, prepaid cards, bankcards, credit cards and many other uses of personalized ID cards.

Computer Guard market a wide array of Smart Cards, Contact or Contactless, various kinds of proximity cards using the RFID technology, as well as, Dual interface (Combi) Smartcards and Multi Application Hybrid cards.

Computer Guard was chosen to represent ASK company from France who specializes in public transportation products and solutions. Computer Guard became the most successful supplier of the public transportation smart cards in ISRAEL – the "Rav-Kav" in the Calypso standard both in CD21 and Tango RSU OS. Computer Guard along with ASK are offering a wide array of  solutions combining the Calypso Standard applications with more options for Access control and Biometric solutions.

Computer Guard is HID Global Gold-Ranked Advantage Partner in ISRAEL offering HID Solutions and Services:

In Secure Issuance - HID Fargo advanced card Printers

In Physical Access Control – HID Prox and iClass SE Readers, Programmers and Credentials.

In ID Assurance – HID Active ID solutions for Secured Login to remote cguard and business applications.

Computer Guard is a One Stop Shop for all ID solutions; we can supply a wide range of accessories for cards and tags, such as: printed Lanyards, customized Retractable Reels, colored Badge Holders, Card Books and many others.

Computer Guard offers a complete tailor made solution. At Computer Guard we support and guide our customers thru all phases of the Card production. Straight from the artwork planning and the raw card manufacturing, through the data acquiring and the personalization process at the company's cguardized systems.

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