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As part of its collaboration with Bet Eckstein, Computer Guard employs workers with various difficulties in its day-to-day functioning, providing them with a loving and supportive environment and assisting in their integration as a contributing work-force in the various departments of the Company. The Bet Eckstein concern was set up in 1987 to enable people with special needs to improve the quality of their lives and to realize their dreams. As a part of the notion of the quality of life a support program is devised for each person in accordance with his or her personal needs, wishes and aspirations. Further details on the organization and its areas of activity can be found on http://www.b-e.org.il

Computer Guard makes a regular contribution each year to a number of voluntary organizations in Israel, including:

The Tal Haim Organization: An organization set up in 1986 with the object of nurturing a giving culture from a young age through practical on-site operation in all sectors of the population, a real resolution of the problems of the needy, bringing alienated communities closer, personal empowerment of weak population sectors, including immigrants, pensioners, the needy, young children, youth at risk, etc. "Tal Haim" has the following special programs: - Help in the Community Patrol– Children and youth as a support group in a distress centre – for individuals, families, and a special framework. - "Be integrated and give" – Immigrants for helping the veteran community – as an orientation of absorption.

The Ezer Mitzion Organization: "Ezer Mitzion", the largest not-for-profit association in Israel dealing with paramedical assistance to patients and the disabled, to assist those suffering from problems in functioning or those in crisis, through a wide range of projects and programs supporting the population with these problems, enabling them to maintain their dignity and independence and improve their quality of life. With a professional staff and around 10,000 dedicated volunteers, "Ezer Mitzion" currently operates approximately 40 branches and activity centres in 25 towns and cities throughout Israel. The various paramedical services are provided to more than half a million people in Israel, at no cost, and regardless of race, religion or gender. "Personal relational relationship, tender care and a high standard of professionalism" is the slogan etched by the Ezer Mitzion volunteers on the Association's banner. Despite its impressive achievements and public and State recognition, "Ezer Mitzion" is not resting on its laurels. With sincere participation and profound familiarity of the distress of patients and the disabled, the Association's volunteers are continuing with full vigour and drive in locating the needs of the population and in developing innovative support services. Further details on the Association and its areas of activity can be found on: http://www.ami.org.il

The Refuah Ve'Haim Organization A voluntary organization assisting people suffering from conditions such as autism, PDD, Asperger syndrome, mental retardation / developmental delay, learning difficulties, hearing and concentration problems, ADHD, multiple handicaps, syndromes, emotional/mental problems and special needs recognized as disabilities and their families. In every field in which Refuah Ve'Haim assists, the slogan is "Everyone has a heart!" and their tasks are performed to the best of the volunteers' abilities and beyond! Every evening, they distribute light meals to the families of patients in the children's and casualty wards in Schneider, Tel Hashomer and Ichilov hospitals. Every Shabbat they operate small meetings for young (up to aged 10) CP sufferers and children with autism and Down's syndrome, as well as day-camps during the month of August. They take autistic children away from home for the weekend, renting places, and together with volunteers from colleges and seminaries, they entertain the children, so that their parents can enjoy a few days of freedom.

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