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1. This website located at www.cguard.co.il (the: "Website" or the "Site") is the website of Computer Guard Technologies (1995) Ltd. ("Computer Guard" or "the Company").


2. The use of this Website is subject to the terms specified below. You are requested to carefully review these terms since the entry to the Site and/or any use of it is subject to the terms specified below, as may be amended or changed from time to time - if and as amended or changed (the: "Terms"). By accessing or using this Site, you agree to be legally bound by and comply with its Terms.  Any continued access or use of this Site after changes or new Terms have been posted means agreeing to the new Terms. You are therefore advised to re-read the Terms on a regular basis. In the event you do not agree with the Terms and/or with any of the above, you are requested to refrain from accessing or making any kind of use of the Site.


3. The Contents of this Site are for informational purposes merely and are not binding on the Company. All graphics are displayed for illustration purposes only. In the absence of prior written authorization of the Company, no user may rely on Content, information or any other data at the Site for any public, official or commercial purpose.


4. The use of this Site and any of its services is at the User’s own risk and at his sole and full responsibility. The Site, Content and Services offered at the site are on an "as is" and "as available“ basis without any warranties of any kind, express. implied or otherwise. Omissions, as well as mistakes, errors, inaccuracies in the presented information or Content may occur.  The Company shall bear no responsibility for any such errors and/or inaccuracies at the Site and/or for the Site omitting information.


5. Nothing at the Site shall be interpreted as a warranty or representation by Computer Guard or on its behalf. The Company hereby expressly and specifically disclaims all representations, warranties, express, implied or otherwise, including, but not limited to, the fitness for a particular purpose. Computer Guard makes no representations or warranties about the quality, suitability, truth, accuracy, reliability, completeness, continuity, or timeliness of any information, explanation, material, software, text, graphics, links, views, opinions, statements or communications. The Company shall not be responsible for damages that occur or derive from Contents available at the Site (including their content, credibility, accuracy, reliability and influence) and shall not be responsible for any damages, loss, loss of profit, inconvenience, payment, expense, distress etc., that occur to a User or any third party due to use of any Content available at the Site. Users shall make no complaint, demand or suit towards the Company with respect to its Content and/or features of the services at the Site, its characteristics, abilities, limitations or suitability to the needs of the user.


6. The User undertakes and commits not to make any transfer of information to the Site or to the Company which contains any virus and/or worms and/or any other damaging material or software which is likely to and/or might damage the ordinary activity and function of the Site and/or the functioning of the Company's cguard system and/or the Company or the Site's clients and/or its surfer's and/or users.


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8. Like most interactive web sites, while entering data by the User at the Site, the Company may use cookies to enable identification of the user while surfing the Site for the purpose of providing better services and to enable the Site to retrieve User details for each visit.


9. The Company shall be entitled to use any of the user information provided by a User for the purpose of improving the services provided at the Site and/or for the purpose of contacting such User and/or providing service to the User.


10. All rights to the Contents appearing at the Site (except those not originated from the Company and/or its behalf), including, but not limited to, information, business or commercial knowledge, text, graphics, images, trademarks, brands and logos are protected by intellectual property laws and belong entirely to the Company. Without derogation from the above, all rights with respect to the design of the Site and the method of processing and presentation of Content at the Site belong fully to the Company. The User agrees not to display or use any of the Company's names, logos or trademarks in any manner without the Company's prior written consent. The Contents and services offered at the Site are solely for personal use and no other use whatsoever may be made. Such Content shall not be copied, duplicated, printed, sold, modified, reproduced, publicly displayed, distributed or otherwise used in any way for any public or commercial purpose, or for the purpose of any kind of distribution or advertisement, without the prior written consent of the Company. A User may not "frame" this Site or any of the Content therein, and agrees not to copy any portion of this Site. Trademarks of the Company and/or its products at the Site are the property of the Company. Trademarks displayed at the Site on behalf of advertisers are their property.


11. The Company intends that the Site and the services provided through it will be continuously available. However, it is unable to commit to continuous availability without hitches, cguard break downs and any other kind of mishaps. Furthermore, the Company may also at its own initiative stop the use of the Site from time to time for the purpose of maintenance and organization. The Company cannot guarantee that the Site and any service provided at the Site will not be interrupted and continue to run without malfunction and/or  be immune from unauthorized access to company cguards or from damage, malfunctions, failures or interference of any other reason. The Company shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages, inconvenience, aggravation, etc. incurred to the User. No compensation will be given to any User due to any malfunctions or interruptions.


12. In addition the Company may turn off the Site or cease the Site activity and/or any part of it, whether permanently or for a limited period of time and/or delete and/or change the Site structure, appearance, content, scope or availability of services and Content provided therein, without giving any prior notice. The User shall have no claim or demand from the Company in connection therewith.


13. The Company reserves the right to stop or to prevent any User's use of the Site if the User does not comply with the Terms or any part thereof.


14. The Company reserves the right to make any changes in the Website and/or in the services provided at the Site, including, inter alia, to add and/or remove data, files, database and/or Content displayed or saved in this Site, to redesign or reformat it and/or replace or delete it, at any time, for any reason, without any need to inform the Users and without any liability. Computer Guard also reserves the right to change these Terms from time to time as it sees fit and your continued use of the Site will signify your acceptance of any adjustment to these Terms. Any such change of the Terms will be in effect and will bind from the time of its publication on the Site as part of the Terms.


15. These Terms are in addition to any other conditions, terms of use, terms of sale, or any other separate set of special rules and/or terms, conditions or provisions presented (currently or in the future) at the Website. 


16. Israel Laws will exclusively govern these Terms and/or any other matter or dispute connected to the Website and/or any use of it. Any disputes relating to these Terms or the Site or any use of it will be heard in the courts located in Tel Aviv, Israel as the exclusive jurisdiction. In this document each term below shall have the meaning stated next to it:

 "Content / Contents" -  includes information of any kind, including verbal, visual, audio-visual or any combination thereof, including picture, photo, illustration, chart, diagram, drawing, video, sound or music, software, application, articles, surveys, data, information, reviews, brochure, and each character, symbol, sign, icon,  etc. and also any content you submit or available to Users of the Site.

 "User/s" - any person and/or entity that enter or surf the Site and/or make use of it, whether as client or as casual surfer and every client ordering any service or product from the Company through the Website or any other means.