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Company Profile

Computer Guard Technologies Ltd is an Israeli based company that specializes in delivering and supplying verified and trusted identities solutions

Incorporated in Israel for over 40 years, Computer Guard has grown to be a leading company in developing and marketing a wide range of secured products and services for the Identification market, employing over 70 professionals who serve thousands of satisfied local and International customers. Our strength is in our excellent service.

Our Vision is:

“To be the leading most favorable group in ISRAEL for Trusted and Secured ID Solutions, giving its employees an ample room for self-fulfillment alongside involvement and contribution to the community”

Computer Guard Operates in three major activities:

  • ID Solutions – the primary Business Unit which promotes selling and marketing trusted and secure ID Solutions and Services.
  • Registration and reception of visitors at exhibitions and conferences – Through our subsidiary company- Xmile, we offer a wide range of advanced solutions for pre-registration for conferences and events, including forming and creating an online self-registration and payment system, On-site welcoming the visitors of the conference through independent registration stations and by teams of stewardesses providing personal and professional service at the welcome desk.
  • Loyalty Club Management – Through our subsidiary company – ShoppingCard, we establish, manage and operate successful customer Loyalty clubs, including: collecting information from every transaction in the retail and online trade arenas, establishing a database in our smart BI systems, performing in-depth analysis and customer segmentation, proactive management of the DATA so that it becomes profitable, building A recommended approach based on the loyalty program and customer journey, creating a loyalty program based on diverse touches, and implementing marketing plans.

Management Team

מר אהוד שיינין - מנכ"ל

Mr. Ehud Sheinin


מר ניר להב - סמנכ"ל שיווק ומכירות

Mr. Nir Lahav

VP Marketing and Sales

מר רונן קרביץ - סמנכ"ל קשרי לקוחות ופיתוח עסקי

Mr. Ronen Kravitz

VP Customers Relationship and Business Development

מר ניר שטרן - מנהל מחלקת הפיתוח, הטכנולוגיות והתמיכה הטכנית

Mr. Nir Stern


גב' ציבי בטיסט - מנהלת משאבי אנוש כספים ורכש

Mrs. Zivi Batist

Financial and HR Manager

Mr. Ziki Zolshan

Director of Operations Department

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