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Business Partners

Computer Guard is a major participant in the largest projects in Israel in the field of identification solutions, issuing and encoding of smart identification cards and more, and has so far been very successful in winning projects of a national scale

Computer Guard believes in business collaborations and in some of its projects Computer Guard participates as a subcontractor or a part of a consortium joining forces to mutually win Tenders. With this method, Computer Guard achieves better engagement for projects in motion and manages to maximize its chances of winning and taking part in tenders and large projects in Israel.

Computer Guard sells and markets its products and services through System Integrators, Dealers and Installers in the fields of: access control, time and attendance, building management, fire and alarms, safety and security and more. In this way, Computer Guard completes, as a subcontractor, the variety of products and services required by the system integrators as a comprehensive response to the tenders they submit and for projects they implement.

Computer Guard is a business partner and representative of global manufacturers and suppliers in the field of identification solutions and distributes in Israel a number of the leading brands in the field.