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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

    1. This Website at (the “Website”) is the Website of Computer Guard Technologies (1995) Ltd. (“Computer Guard” or the “Company”).
    2. Use of the Website is conditional on the User’s consent to the terms set forth hereafter. Please read these terms carefully as entry to and/or use of the Website are subject to the terms and conditions as set forth hereafter, as amended from time to time – if and to the extent amended (“Terms of Use”). Browsing and/or using the Website indicate your consent and approval to the terms set forth hereafter and by browsing the Website you provide your consent to what is stated in these terms. Browsing and/or using the Website after any change in the Terms of Use indicates your agreement to the amended terms. Therefore, you are requested to review them carefully and keep up to date with the changes that will be made to the terms from time to time (if and to the extent made). If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of use and/or the aforesaid, you are required not to enter the Website and/or perform any activity and/or use of the Website.
    3. The content on the Website is presented for information only and it does not bind the Company. The images shown are for illustrative purposes only. In absence of the Company’s prior written approval, the User may not rely on content, information or any other data contained therein for any official or commercial use.
    4. The use of the Website and its services is the sole responsibility of the User and he shall bear the risk arising from this. The Website, its services and content should be used as they are (AS IS) and as they are available (AS AVAILABLE) without any warranty given of any kind, express, implied or otherwise. There may be errors and/or inaccuracies and/or omissions of information presented on the Website and the Company is not responsible for any such error, inaccuracies and/or omission  and will not be liable at all in the matter.
    5. The Company expressly clarifies that the information or statements presented or included on the Website do not constitute a representation or assumption of any responsibility on its part and it is not responsible and disclaims any representation, express or implied, including, inter alia, in connection with suitability for a specific purpose of any product or service or in connection with any matter related to quality, adequacy, truthfulness, degree of accuracy, reliability, integrity, continuity, schedule or the appropriate timing – whether in relation to any product, service, or software or in relation to any content on the Website, including any information, explanation, content, text, graphics, connectivity, opinion, statement, determination or correspondence. The Company shall not bear any liability in connection to damage from the content published on the Website – including its content, reliability, accuracy, credibility and effect, and it shall not be liable for any damage, loss, loss of profit, inconvenience, payment, expense, anguish, etc., or results, either directly or indirectly, caused to the User or to any third party due to the use of the Website or relaince on the content published on the Website. The User shall not be entitled to raise any claim,  or demand, niether to file any lawsuit against Computer Guard, its employees or principals and/or anyone on its behalf in respect of the contents and/or features of the services on the Website, their characteristics, capabilities, limitations or suitability to the User’s needs.
    6. The User undertakes not to transfer or upload to the Website or to the Company any information that contains viruses and/or worms and/or any other harmful material that could and/or may impair the functioning of the Website and/or the functioning of the Company’s computer systems and/or of customers of the Website and/or surfers and/or its Users.
    7. This Website may contain links to other websites of third parties. The Website may also contain content that constitutes advertisements, “banners” and commercial information on behalf of various advertisers who are not the Company (“Advertisements”). The links to other sites from the Website, if any, are intended for the convenience of the User only, and this should not be seen as any encouragement or recommendation by the Company regarding the content or services provided by others or through sites or advertisements of third parties, as mentioned. The Company is not responsible for the content of these sites or advertisements, their accuracy, reliability, legality or correctness. The Company does not review, control or supervise the content, information and services that appear and/or are provided on third party sites and/or in such advertisements and it does not give any representation, liability in their matter. Entering such sites and the use of the contents included therein are under the sole responsibility of the User. A link to any particular site, does not constitute presentation or confirmation that such site is active or that the information included in that site is reliable, credible, complete or up-to-date. The presentation or presence of links, advertisements or banners on the Website may not be construed as an attempt to promote or as any recommendation of the Company to purchase products or services advertised therein. Without derogating from the aforesaid, the Company shall not be liable for any damage, indirect or direct caused to the User as a result of the use of, or reliance on information or content published on, such sites and/or for the use or reliance on advertisements or information and content published on the Website by third parties.
    8. Similar to many other sites, when the User enters data on the site, a cookie may be sent to the User’s computer for the purpose of identifying the User when browsing the site in order to improve the service and to enable the site to retrieve the User’s information on each repeat visit.
    9. The Company may use User information to improve the services offered on the Website, as well as to contact the User and/or provide service to him.
    10.  All rights in the content that appears on the Website (except those that do not originate from the Company and/or anyone acting on its behalf) including information and/or commercial knowledge, copyrights, distribution rights, software and any other intellectual property, wholly belong to the Company. Without derogating from the aforesaid, all rights in the design of the Website and in the manner of processing and displaying the content on the Website wholly belong to the Company. The User undertakes not to display or make use of the Company’s name or the Company’s logo or trademark without receiving its prior written consent. The content on the Website is intended for the personal use of the User only, and should not be used in any other way. You may not copy, duplicate, and/or print any content from the Website for the purpose of distribution or publication in any way, without the prior written consent of the Company. The Company’s trademarks and/or products on the Website are the Company’s property. Trademarks displayed on the Website on behalf of any advertisers are the property of these advertisers.
    11. Computer Guard intends that the Website and its services be continuously available and functional. At the same time, it cannot commit to continuous availability without glitches and without “falls”. In addition, the Company may terminate, on its own initiative, the use of the Website from time to time for the purpose of its maintenance and organization. The Company cannot guarantee that the service provided on the Website will not be interrupted, will be provided in an orderly manner without interruptions and/or will be immune from unauthorized access to the Company’s computers or from damage, glitches, failures, or from harm for any other reason, and the Company will not be liable for any damage, direct or indirect, anguish, etc. caused to the User as a result of this and no monetary compensation/credit will be given due to glitches or interruptions in the service.
    12. In addition, the Company may take the Website down, shut it down or discontinue its activity and/or any part thereof permanently or for any limited time and/or delete and/or change from time to time its structure, appearance, content, scope and availability of the services provided therein and its content, without the need to notify this in advance. The User shall have no claim, lawsuit or demand against the Company in the matter.
    13. The Company may stop or prevent use of the Website by any User if the User fails to comply with the Terms of Use in whole or in part.
    14. The Company reserves the right to make any change to the Website and/or the services provided on the Website, including, inter alia, to amend, add and/or derogate from any material, file, database and/or other content published and/or saved on the Website, to redesign it to replace or delete it, at any time, for any reason, without any need to notify the Users of this and without any liability on its part. The Company also reserves the right to amend the Terms of Use and these regulations from time to time and such updated terms of use and regulations will be binding from the time of their publication on the Website.
    15. These Terms of Use shall be added to any provisions, regulations, transaction terms or other terms of use located and/or that will be located on the Website.
    16. The laws of the State of Israel alone shall govern the Terms of Use, any regulations and/or any other matter arising from and/or related to the Website and/or its use. The User of the Website agrees in advance that the competent courts in the Tel Aviv District will have exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute arising from the use of the Website or related to it, including in connection with the Terms of Use and regulations.
    17. In this document the meaning of the following terms shall be as specified alongside them:
      “Content” – includes information of any kind, including verbal, visual, audiovisual or any combination thereof, including image, photograph, illustration, diagram, drawing, video, audio or musical file, software, application, articles, wording, reviews, data, news, assessments, any character, symbol, sign or icon, etc., as well as any content transmitted or available to surfers or Users of the Website.
      “User” – any person and/or body and/or entity that enters the Website and browses and/or uses it whether as a customer or as an occasional surfer and any customer who orders any service from the Company whether through the Website or by any other means.