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ID Card Service Bureau

Computer Guard operates a service bureau specializing in professional production of identification cards according to customer requirements. The service includes a comprehensive system for professional production in various volumes, both large and small, according to customer specifications

The service bureau features a variety of advanced machines for encoding, printing, personalization, and coating of cards. The technology employed includes industrial machines for rapid large-scale projects, as well as semi-industrial printers for on-demand single card printing.

The term “personalization” refers to adding personal details to the cards, such as text, photos, custom graphics, and security elements to prevent forgery.

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The service bureau specializes in the personalization of cards, including:

  • Printing cards with variable data and personal identification details.
  • Embossing data and personal identification details.
  • Printing cards with personalized photos or a series of images and additional security measures.
  • Printing digital signatures, barcodes, and encoding magnetic and contact components on the card.

The card manufacturing process also involves background printing, image printing, and coating with materials that enhance durability and prolong the life of the card. Additional security features are integrated to prevent counterfeiting and data alterations.

The service bureau is operated by a professional team, including graphic designers, operators, and technical support staff. The computer and maintenance teams assist in operating the systems within the center and also provide support to customers.

In addition, the service center supplies cards for governmental and security entities, ensuring physical security and data protection in accordance with project specifications. The issuance of cards for these entities is carried out in secure and isolated rooms by employees with appropriate security clearances. Raw materials and finished products are securely stored, computer systems are isolated from the company network and the external net, and security measures are implemented to protect information and databases. Ongoing security inspections by the relevant authorities allow the company to maintain a high classification level at all times.

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