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Employees Photography

A service of concentrated photography days to create a high-quality image database

Have you recently looked at your Employee badge? Is your picture authentic? Many employees hold the same ID card which was issued for them at the time of their recruitment.

Since an employee badge is foremost a visual security element, it is crucial that the picture on it be authentic and updated.

But what about the quality? You may have a great and innovative design for the artwork of the card, but the Picture of the employee is low graded or has a non-relevant, non-unified background.

Computer Guard offers centralized photography day service, so you can create, unify and update your employees’ Picture database.

We can come to your facilities with a professional Photography team and all the necessary equipment,such as lighting devices and background screens, all according to the customer’s demands. We will photo all employees professionally and efficiently and create for you a high quality Database.

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