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Videos and Webinars

Here you can enjoy selections of videos related to the products and solutions that we market

Facial Recognition Technology

How to Strengthen Identification Security for Banking Services Using Facial Recognition

Secure Identification Solution

Using RFID Card Identification to Streamline Processes in Medical Centers

Authentication and Identity Verification

Integration of Smart Identification Using a Smart FRID Card and Desktop Reader for Medical Teams

Secure Access Management from Anywhere

Identity Management and Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions for Secure Employee Access to Organizational Systems and Remote Work

Mercury Controllers for Access Control Systems

Advanced Hardware with an Open Platform for Efficient and Secure Interface with Access Control Systems

HID Signo™ Readers for Access Control System

The Innovative Signo Series Readers Integrate Seamlessly with Access Control Systems, Easy to Install and Configure with Maximum Security

HID L Scan Handheld Reader

Highest Quality Multi-Finger Biometric Fingerprint Capture on the Market

HID SEOS Smart Cards

Highest Security Technology Identification Cards from HID Global

Your Mobile Phone is Your Employee ID Card

Secure and Convenient Access Control Using a Virtual Employee ID Card Installed on a Mobile Phone

HID HDP6600 Card Printer & Encoder

Retransfer ID Card Printer, the Fastest and Most Advanced Technology on the Market for Encoding and Printing Smart Cards

HID HDP5000 Card Printer

High Definition ID Card Printer for Stunning Print Results and Smart Card Encoding

One Card for Multiple Applications

Unified Identification Technology Enables Secure Access to a Variety of Systems Across the Organization Requiring Employee Identification