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Events Pre Registration Solutions

Computer Guard offers advanced solutions for registration, management, and guest reception at conferences and events. This service is provided through our subsidiary, Xmile

Born out of Computer Guard’s successful division of event registration, Xmile became an independent entity in 2023.

The company markets comprehensive and advanced technological solutions in the realms of conference registration, aiming to lead efficient, user-friendly, and human-centric registration experiences at every conference and exhibition in Israel and worldwide.

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פתרונות רישום לכנסים, אירועים ותערוכות

Xmile provides a professional and extensive system of technological and human solutions, from preliminary registration of conference guests to their reception on the conference day by professional hosts. This ensures that the conference or event becomes a significant business success. The services offered include:

  • Building Pre-registration websites.
  • Registration hosts and guidance
  • System for collecting leads for presenters
  • B2B – Meeting coordination system among conference participants
  • Conference secretaries
  • Registration desks
  • Issuing tags, lanyards, and ribbons
  • Self-registration desks at conferences
  • Quick checkin at conferences using smartphone QR code scanning


Additionally, Xmile constantly innovates and recently updated its range of tools to better serve its clients:

  • “iParticipate” – a digital marketing tool for virtual conferences
  • System for managing votes and polls during the conference
  • System for managing VIP permissions and gifts
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