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Picture capturing and uploading application

Professional and advanced selfie application using the computer camera or mobile device
שירותים - מערכת העלאת תמונות

A high-quality personal ID card typically includes a photo of the cardholder’s face. Printing a high-quality, current facial image is a necessary and accepted form of identification for various applications, such as employee and visitor identification, student identification, and various certificates and credentials.

Not every organization maintains an updated image database of its employees, and it can be an ongoing challenge due to natural workforce turnover and changes in the appearance of individuals over time. In large and medium-sized organizations with multiple branches or offices spread geographically, or organizations that enable flexible and remote work, online collection of employee images becomes an even more complex task.

Computer Guard offers its customers secure solutions for managing and organizing digital image databases, including a web-based application that supports smartphone capabilities for capturing and uploading images to a dedicated organizational database.

We implement a customized and branded web page for each client. The client provides a unique organizational link to each employee, enabling them to access the application, upload a facial image from a digital image file, or capture a self-portrait using the computer’s webcam or mobile device camera. The application also includes professional tools for cropping and adjusting the image to a standardized proportion.

The user interface is web-based and does not require any installation. It is user-friendly, intuitive, and does not require any prior knowledge to operate. The interface is supported on desktop computers (enabling image capture from a web or built-in computer camera), laptops (enabling image capture from the built-in or external camera), or mobile devices with cellular capabilities.

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