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Loyalty Club Management

Computer Guard offers advanced solutions for Loyalty Club management. Using innovative and advanced technology in analyzing the information allows us to identify the right business strategy for you, target it, and thus improve performance and conversion ratios and increase your business revenue. we Perform this service through our sister company ShoppingCard

Setting up and operating a loyalty club requires extensive knowledge and experience. Many chains and networks that attempted to do this on their own found themselves, after some time, trying to fix the damage they caused, resulting in significant financial losses and a loss of trust from affected customers. There are many loyalty clubs in the market, and not all of them “deliver the goods.” One of the main reasons is the improper establishment, creating an inaccurate membership form, faulty database, lack of attention to different segments, inconsistency, and improper strategy building. Establishing a successful loyalty club requires setting goals, planning at least a year ahead, and professional guidance.

ShoppingCard ניהול מועדוני לקוחות חכמים
ניהול דאטה מניב

ShoppingCard – a Computer Guard  subsidiary, is a leading provider of smart loyalty club management and DATA-driven solutions.It is one of the oldest companies in the field of loyalty club management, operating for over 20 years. A part of the Computer Guard group, owned by Ehud Shainin, ShoppingCard leads in DATA-based projects, starting from infrastructure setup, advanced predictive module development, to innovative visualization tools in BI.

Utilizing innovative and advanced technology in data analysis allows ShoppingCard to identify the right business activity for you, focus on it, improve performance and conversion rates, and increase company revenue.

The tools and services we provide for businesses include:

  • Loyalty club management software with an automatic interface for cashiers and BI software.
  • Information analysis by analysts.
  • Marketing consultation based on the data collected in management and BI programming.
  • Operation of the loyalty club and marketing activities as an outgoing operator, including: sending SMS, newsletters, personal correspondence, mobile coupons, printing services, card issuance, etc.
  • Production of a mobile-adapted website.
  • Establishment and operation of customer Facebook pages.
  • Building supportive business applications.
  • Promotions and collaborations among our clients, creating Cross Selling opportunities.
  • Business development.
  • Establishment and operation of smart promotions.
  • Smart gift cards (Gift Cards).
  • Operational Internet site for use by administrators on the network.
דאטה מניב
אנליזה וסגמנטציה

While these tools and services are important, our most valuable asset is human capital – ideas, creativity, and 20 years of marketing experience that enable our marketing team to understand and connect all the tools, bringing them to the success of a thriving and successful loyalty club.