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Success Stories

We strive to provide our customers with quality solutions that best meet the new challenges and market competition

Berman’s Bakery

Berman’s Bakery is one of the largest bakeries in Israel spread over an area of 10,000 square meters with manufacturing capacity of 3,000 loafs of bread per hour in each line of production,  running on 16 conveyor belts on site 24/7. 

The Challenge

The production process is timed with electric motors working simultaneously, so once a failure in one of these motors occurs, the whole process stops which causes a delay in production and significant loss of money .  

Berman engineers did not have a real time visibility of the health and condition of their rotating equipment and failures became more frequent and more critical. 

The Solution

That is where the HID IoT solution came in place. We began monitoring a few of Berman Bakery motors, and presented full and accurate data about the health and condition of each of the monitored motors.

Already on the first day of the installation, HID IoT system alerted an issue coming from 2 motors which turned out to be real failures which imposed an instant fix.

Berman Bakery soon implanted the HID IoT system on all of their motors and a real revolution has begun.  Berman migrated from Breakdown Maintenance to Predictive Maintenance having the ability to predict failures in formation and plan the fix or replacements of any rotating equipment. This led to a clear and significant savings in time and money and to a higher efficiency. 

With HIT Iot our customers are getting full visibility over their entire assets, saving time and money.


Wolfson Medical Center

The Edith Wolfson University Medical Center is a government hospital affiliated to Tel Aviv University and serves a culturally and religiously diverse population of approximately 700,000 people from the cities of Holon, Bat Yam, Rishon Lezion, Tel Aviv, Jaffa and the region. At the medical center, patients receive first-class professional medical care based on the concept of excellence and compassion.

The challenge

The phenomenon of violence against medical staff is recognized in many countries, as well as in Israel, and its negative effects are felt at the individual and organizational level. Data from around the world indicate that the proportion of workers in the health and welfare system who have experienced incidents of violence is higher than the proportion of workers in other sectors of the economy who have experienced violence. In Israel, about 3,000 incidents of violence are reported per year, in average.The negative effects of the violence against medical staff are felt at the individual level (for example, injuries and feelings of anger, frustration and even burnout and at the level of the organization and the whole) for example, loss of working days and damages. In addition, studies have indicated a connection between exposure to violence in the workplace and poor performance at work and even harm to the quality of care given to patients. The members of the medical staff need an answer that will allow them to feel a little more protected and at the very least that when an attack occurs, a security team will arrive as quickly as possible to rescue them and protect them.

The solution

Computer Guard provided the Wolfson Medical Center with a smart personal alert system for the center’s medical staff, which allows any staff member in distress or being assaulted, to activate a silent alert call and immediately send a security team to the exact location where they are. The system is another IoT solution from HID Global based on an active location monitoring device (beacon) which also includes an emergency stress button. Since the system works in real time and is based on an infrastructure of GateWays deployed throughout the Wolfson Medical Center, it tracks the exact personal location of each staff member and therefore, in times of crisis, when every second is decisive, a short press of the emergency stress button pops up a map on a screen in the security team’s control room indicating exactly and in real time where the attack is taking place. Computer Guard’s solution allows the medical staff to function optimally and more calmly when they know that all their safety is being monitored and handled quickly and efficiently.