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Calypso Cards

Calypso is an international open standard for electronic ticketing that is implemented in contactless or dual interface smart cards. It was developed by mass transit operators from 11 countries to ensure that different products from different manufacturers are compatible. This allows riders to use a single card or app to travel on multiple transit systems in the same area.

כרטיס קליפסו באוטובוס
כרטיס רב קו

The Calypso standard was implemented by MOT (Ministry of Transportation) as the common standard for public transportation in ISRAEL creating the Rav-Kav smart card.

Computer Guard has been marketing Rav-Kav Transportation Smart Cards in ISRAEL since 2008, representing the most professional companies in the field with a proven track record of producing very high quality Dual Interface cards.

כרטיס רב קו עם רכבת
כרטיסי קליפסו JLM

Specializing in the Calypso based Smart Cards, Computer Guard managed to win and integrate the Calypso Transportation capabilities in various Card Projects such as the ISRAEL Police cards, ISRAEL Prison Authorities cards, Governmental Access control cards, Public Transportation employee cards and many more.