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ID Cards issuance software

TAGware is an advanced and professional software specializing in producing personal identification cards. The user-friendly software offers a professional toolkit that allows users to design cards efficiently and impressively.

With TAGware, personalized cards can be created to meet users’ specific needs. The software allows the use of graphic files and has unique options for adding logos, colors, and personal details in a variety of variable fields.

TAGware card production
תוכנות לקידוד והפקת תגים

Smart card encoding is a built-in feature in TAGware that ensures each card is securely built and personalized. The software offers smart encoding tools for unique data encoding such as identification numbers, keys, fingerprint templates, biometrics, and any additional information required to enhance secure identity authentication with Multi-Factor Authentication.

TAGware software is available in three different levels: Basic, Professional, and Extended, providing various options for users according to their needs and the organization’s requirements.

The Basic level, TAGWare Classic, provides simple design capabilities and basic functions for producing secure identification cards. It is suitable for organizations with simpler design and security requirements.

The Advanced level, TAGWare Professional, offers advanced design capabilities and additional functions such as multi-user management, batch card editing, and the option to save and share preferred design templates. This level is suitable for organizations with intermediate to advanced design and ID card security requirements.
The Extended level,
TAGWare EXTended, is the most advanced level and offers all the advantages and advanced functions of the software. This level includes features such as integration with external systems, advanced security, and advanced options for user management and customized design templates. This level is suitable for organizations with advanced and high-level requirements in ID card design and security.

תוכנה לקידוד והפקת תגים

TAGware software offers the following features:

  • Easy and fast database setup (MDB/ACCDB) without dependencies on other software.
  • Work with MDB/ACCDB/SQL/ORACLE databases.
  • Database management with thousands of images.
  • Ability to deploy the software to work with databases and images anywhere in the organizational network.
  • Quick import/export of CSV files.
  • Fast employee identification based on various filters using Quick Filter.
  • Quick WYSIWYG card design.
  • Unlimited number of tag types.
  • Magnetic card encoding with a 3-track magnetic stripe (1, 2, 3).
  • Integration of graphics files as symbols and/or backgrounds in formats such as BMP, TIF, JPG, etc.
  • Design security features on the card, including transparent logo, image overlay, and more.
  • Printing various data types such as barcode, logo, personal details, personal image.
  • Sending print jobs to predefined Windows printers.
  • Double-sided printing.
  • Front/back preview.
  • Support for common barcode types such as of9/EAN13/PDF417/QR3, and more.
  • Image capture in various formats like BMP, JPG.
  • Ability to integrate external images into the database.
  • Saving images in external files with file names based on ID, employee number, etc.
  • High-quality image in 24-bit format with 16.7 million colors.
  • Support for TWAIN devices such as scanners and digital cameras.
  • Support for web cameras.
  • Image quality control before and after capturing (color, front/back, etc.).
  • Different user permissions (admin/user).
  • Local installation of the software.
  • API Mode configuration option, allowing full functionality from third-party programs – Professional version.
  • Ability to read proximity cards (CSN) such as Mifare Classic, Temic, NFC, Calypso TypeB – Professional version.
  • Ability to encode proximity cards such as Mifare Classic, Temic, NFC (URL) – Professional version.
  • Ability to write data to smart cards such as Desfire securely using different encryption keys (AES, 3DES) – EXTended version.