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Desktop Fingerprint Readers

Computer Guard offers a variety of fingerprint technologies featuring varying image capture methods, security features, form factors and industry certifications. Whatever your use case, our lineup ensures we have a solution to meet your needs.

Computer Guard – HID’s Global Platinum Partner in ISRAEL offers several sensing technologies fingerprint readers

Optical fingerprint sensing technology

Optical fingerprint sensing technology is the most mature and economical For all types of use cases. HID DigitalPersona® optical fingerprint readers and OEM modules boast a compact footprint to fit most desktops or shared workstation settings for reading a wide variety of fingerprints quickly and accurately from any position angle. For high-volume enrollment and authentication applications, the HID DigitalPersona series is the perfect biometric peripheral for the job. certified For FIPS 201/PIV, FAP20 and FAP30 standards, HID DigitalPersona devices are designed to meet the needs of civilian ID card deployments and requirements of the commercial sector – ideal for voter registration, national ID, benefits Distribution, Retail POS, Healthcare and Network/App Access.

The leading readers in the range are:


חישת טביעת אצבע אופטית
חישת טביעת אצבע קיבולית

Capacitive fingerprint sensing technology

Capacitive fingerprint readers ensure superior capture quality. These readers are power-efficient, well-suited for battery-operated devices, and less prone to fake finger attempts. They also perform well indoor and outdoor being water and dust resistant. HID’s compact, low-power capacitive EikonTouch® fingerprint readers and TouchChip® OEM modules boast several advantages over competing solutions. These readers offer encrypted USB communication for enhanced security and built-in PAD technology to minimize the risk of the wrong person gaining access or being misidentified. They are also highly energy efficient, using less than 100mA for fingerprint capture and matching. With a small form factor and durable materials, the EikonTouch and TouchChip product lines are ideal for high-traffic environments, such as border crossing, retail point-of-sale, and shared stations for healthcare providers.

The leading readers in the range are:



Multispectral imaging (MSI) fingerprint technology is an HID-patented technology that can capture the most difficult fingerprints in the most challenging environments. HID’s Lumidigm® MSI fingerprint sensors read both the surface and subsurface fingerprint data using multiple colors of light at different angles for superior matching accuracy and liveness detection. A big advantage for HID Lumidigm MSI readers is the ability to capture fingerprint images from all types of skin conditions (dry, dirty, damaged, oily, wet and aged) and in challenging environments. What’s more, the Lumidigm MSI sensors incorporate sophisticated endpoint security technology to encrypt data to and from the device using FBI-certified encryption algorithms to prevent bad actors from accessing your networks. If a hacker attempts to gain access to the reader, the MSI device provides active tamper protection and detection features that will erase the encryption keys, preventing the hacker from accessing your keys.

The leading readers in the range are:


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חישת אצבע רב-שכבתית