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Gift Cards

Computer Guard manufactures and markets a wide variety of gift cards. We are here to assist you in designing and printing gift cards that serve as an effective marketing tool to grow your business.

Gift-giving has become much easier and convenient with gift cards, which have become particularly popular for birthdays, holidays, and special events. They offer a durable and practical alternative to traditional gift vouchers that were popular in the past. Many consumer clubs have also opted to use these gift cards. Numerous companies have identified the potential and now provide gift cards to their employees during holidays or as prizes at social events. Have you ever thought about promoting your brand by issuing gift cards? If not, now is the time to consider and invest in this idea.

כרטיסי מתנה
כרטיסי מתנה

In the past decade, gift cards have established themselves as a staple in the toolkit for gift-giving. Instead of choosing a gift that may not suit or be used, a gift card provides an alternative and efficient way to give a gift. The recipient can choose from a variety of products within the card’s amount, giving them the freedom to choose according to their taste and preferences. While paper gift vouchers aim to provide a similar experience, they lack durability, are prone to tearing, and often require a separate holder for higher amounts. The use of a plastic card is a resilient, durable, and convenient solution, both for storage and carrying for the recipient.

From a business perspective, creating gift cards is an excellent way to expand your customer base and attract new and returning customers. A gift card also provides an advantage with additional amounts through reloads, helping to offer benefits to users who have not yet used the initial amount. Printing gift cards is also a way to increase your sales, as a gift card essentially functions as an attractive and impressive brand business card.

כרטיס מתנה
gift card

Statistics show that people who receive gift cards tend to redeem them within an average of 30 days. It is no secret that businesses are surrounded by competing marketing messages. For businesses, offering gift cards successfully creates an efficient marketing channel that attracts and retains new customers.

We would be delighted to assist you in choosing the right gift card for your business.