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HID Prox Cards

The ProxCard II proximity access control card is widely recognized as the preferred choice in the industry for cost-effective proximity access control. It boasts universal compatibility with all HID proximity card readers, making it a versatile solution. The ProxCard II offers durable packaging and delivers consistent read range performance.

כרטיסי HID Prox

Key Features of the ProxCard II Proximity Access Control Card:

  • Cost-Effective Solution- Provides a competitive price point compared to other card technologies.
  • Universal Compatibility- Compatible with all HID proximity card readers, ensuring seamless integration into existing access control systems.
  • Durable Packaging and Reliable Read Range- Designed with durable materials to withstand daily use. In addition, it’s offers a consistent read range, ensuring reliable access control functionality.
  • Easy Identification and Access Control- Includes an external number for convenient identification and access control purposes.
  • Supports Wide Range of Formats- Supports formats of up to 85 bits, enabling compatibility with various access control systems. In addition it’s provides over 137 billion possible codes for enhanced security.
  • Custom Pre-Printed Artwork- Offers the option for custom pre-printed artwork, allowing organizations to personalize the cards with their branding or design elements.
  • PVC Overlay for Photo ID- The card features a PVC overlay that allows for on-site printing of photo IDs using most direct image printers. In addition this feature enables organizations to create dual-function cards that serve as both access control cards and photo ID cards.
  • Convenient and Portable- he ProxCard II is thin enough to be carried in a wallet or purse, providing ease of use for cardholders.

Additionally, the ProxCard II proximity access control card supports the use of HID Model number 1324 Printable Adhesive Labels. These labels can be directly printed and attached to the proximity card, effectively transforming it into a Photo ID card.

Overall, the ProxCard II proximity access control card offers a cost-effective, versatile, and reliable solution for proximity-based access control systems, while also allowing for customization and the integration of photo ID functionality.

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