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Access Control Software IDCube

Computer Guard is the business partner of IDCube in ISRAEL, offering its most comprehensive open platform physical security and identity management solution. IDCube offers two distinct platforms: Access360 and iNEST to cater to specific needs of Enterprise and Residential sectors respectively.

IDCube’s award winning solutions are trusted worldwide and have been successfully deployed via more than 100 system Integrators across the globe taking security to a next level.

Access360 Software Suite is a service oriented platform providing a comprehensive solution to all the physical security and identification needs.  With an open architecture and its ability to support integration to a number of devices, the platform is completely customizable and scalable as per the varying security requirements of the clients.

פתרונות תוכנה לבקרת כניסה IDCUBE

Access360 – Access Control Software Suite Incorporates:



An Open Platform application for enterprise access control and attendance management, which integrates with best of the breed security platforms from global manufactures.

The Uniqueness of HRView lies in its being pan-organization access control software and a universal time attendance management solution. It runs in geographically spread offices of transnational organizations synchronizing their processes.

With HRView all access management regulations & compliances can be automatically kept in sync effortlessly. It reduces the workload and enhances the efficiency by automating access management.


Cloud technology is the delivery of computing services, i.e., servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence, over the internet. Improved business processes and reduced operational cost as a direct result of the implementation of cloud technology, have encouraged many companies to switch over to entirely cloud-based business solutions. Some of the significant advantages of a cloud-based access control system involve remote capabilities of managing employee/visitor access, adding new employees to the system, removing employees from the system, revoking, assigning, and changing access rights of employees / visitors.

Cloud-based access control solution is highly reliable in terms of data availability and simplifies the maintenance of IT infrastructure. It does not require a physical server at the client’s location. Hence, the system significantly reduces the number of IT personnel needed to maintain and update the servers.



IDCUBE offers an integrated, centralized & user-friendly vehicle management system-‘VAM’ which has efficient vehicle tracking and driver monitoring capabilities.
VAM  is designed to cater the need of facilities where a specific number of parking bays are allocated to park only pre-identified vehicles in the places such as IT parks, corporate offices, SEZ’s, PSU’s, government organizations, universities etc. It is integrated with entrance automation equipment such as Boom Barriers, CCTVs, Video Management, License Plate Recognition (LPR) / Automatic Number Plate (ANPR), RFID Controllers, RFID Long Range Readers, specialized windshield long range tags, smart cards & biometrics to provide hassle-free vehicle management.

VAM helps in enrollment, mapping & authentication of vehicles, owners, drivers & helpers. It helps in optimizing space & inculcating security.


A centralized and scalable Elevator Access Management System. IDCUBE offers a reliable, user-friendly and flexible elevator access management system–‘ELEVATE’. It is an integral part of IDCUBE’s Access360 suite for comprehensive physical access and Identity management solutions.

ELEVATE works in areas where privilege & priority driven elevator access is necessary and expected such as apartments, hotels, hospitals and other mixed-use and multi-tenant facilities. It gets easily integrate with Home Automation, Video Door Phone and Video Management System to provide controlled access to specific floor or elevator based on the user’s authority, time slot, reservation and the engagement status .

It offers hassle-free integration with both conventional elevators and Destination Control System (DCS).

Smart Choice

Smart Choice

Smart Choice is a cashless & centralized Cafeteria Management System.

Ideal for malls, recreational hubs, food courts and organizations running an in-house cafeteria, it is a cashless setup for managing cafeterias. It is beneficial for administrators, HR managers, Employees, Food Vendors, Food Court Managers, Customers and all other stakeholders engaged in management & functioning of cafeterias.

Big organizations with large numbers of employees are rendered incompetent in handling a cafeteria manually. There is always a requirement for a centralized Cafeteria management system to promote efficient operations. Smart Choice is a web-based management system for multiple food vendors, menu contents, billing features etc. It is a kiosk based system and helps in managing pricing, service taxes and billing structure. It has been specially designed to integrate with touch screen kiosks and smart cards; and has centralized recharge and refund stations.


IDCUBE’s welCOM (Contractor On-boarding & Management) is an add-on module to the Access360 software suite for the digitization of contractor on-boarding procedures and compliances. It further helps in contractor, supplier, vendor evaluation as per the organization’s safety benchmarks.

Critical infrastructures such as airports, seaports, manufacturing industries, oil & gas units deploy workers either short-term or long-term for multi-disciplinary roles and responsibilities. Meeting the statutory guidelines concerning safety and security, as well as vetting the contractor profile along with ensuring unique physical identity for each poses a significant challenge to the security department of an organization.

In addition to streamlining the contractor on-boarding procedures, welCOM secures your premises by preventing unwanted workers through a biometric identity verification tool and expedites the review process.

Biometric verification followed by biometric enrolment, pass issuance, and grant of access control rights ensure a unique physical identity for each contractor and secure access control to the facility.

ממשק API


The IDCUBE’s Access360 Web Service API provides a framework to build services based on HTTP that can be accessed by third party applications to push and pull the information.