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Portable Dual Iris Scanner

Iris recognition is a biometric principle used for identifying and verifying identity through the characteristics of the eye. In this method, optics and physiological features of the eye are utilized to identify individuals or authenticate identity. In iris recognition systems, measures such as eye color, shape, and other intricacies allow for precise identification of a person. The process occurs automatically, providing an efficient and secure means of identification. Through iris recognition, high levels of data security and accurate identification of individuals across a wide range of fields such as medical biometrics, personal biometrics, and other applications can be ensured.

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קורא קשתית העין

Computer Guard HID Global’s Business Partner in ISRAEL, markets HID Global’s iris readers, which scan irises in a fast and high-quality manner. The leading model in the iris reader series is I Scan 3. It is an automatic, dual iris capture in under 5 seconds is achieved with the HID I Scan 3. This portable, mountable, and ergonomically designed biometric scanner is the next generation of compact dual iris capture devices. Designed for commercial and civil government applications that require identity verification, the HID I Scan 3 is an integral part of a comprehensive biometric identity management solution. Organizations can quickly enhance their security levels through the deployment of iris matching. its Key Benefits:

  • Dual iris capture in less than five seconds
  • Automatic image capture
  • Requires minimal user intervention
  • Fully portable system
  • Easily integrates into a Jumpkit
  • SDK: HID I Scan Essentials (included)

for further information please click: HID® I Scan™ 3 Iris Scanner