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A wide Selection of Lanyards. From a simple one color lanyard to a four color logo printed Lanyards. Range of different materials and finishing and many optional endings such as clips, cellular holder, hooks Etc.
The images below are for illustration only.

Classic Mono Chromic Lanayards

Computer Guard offers a wide variety of Classical Lanyards with for Badge and ID carriage.

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Lanyard with Detachable Buckles and/or a Safety Buckle

Lanyard with Detachable Buckles, for easy detachment a the ID Badge and/or a Safety Buckle Designed as a Representation wearable ID holder for employee tags.

Heat Transfer High Quality Printed Lanyard

The technology of Heat Transfer High Quality Printed Lanyard for a soft, silky touch and full color richness. This technology allows printing of almost any graphic or logo according to customer requirements.

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Lanyard with a Retractable Reel ending

Lanyard with a Retractable Reel ending for attaching an employee badge, allowing for great flexibility. For example, the badge can be easily swiped through an access control system reader without having to remove the badge from the lanyard or take the lanyard off the neck.