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Tenprint and Palm Scanners

Palm scanning for biometric identification is a sophisticated technology that utilizes unique characteristics of a person’s palm for authentication and identification purposes. This involves capturing and analyzing various characteristics of the palm, such as vein patterns, ridges and wrinkles, to create a distinct biometric template that can be securely stored and used for future authentication. Unlike other biometric methods such as fingerprints or iris scans, palm scanning offers several advantages, including a larger surface area to scan, which can improve accuracy and reliability. In addition, palm scans are less susceptible to damage or alteration than fingerprints, making them a strong choice for identity verification.
Computer Guard HID Global’s Business Partner in ISRAEL, markets HID Global’s compact, High-Resolution Scanners for Tenprint and Palm Print Capture. the leading model in this category would be the HID® L Scan™ Tenprint and Palm Scanner.

Handheld scanning systems are designed for a variety of uses, including border security, secure access control, time and attendance tracking, financial services, and more. They offer a convenient and secure method for verifying a person’s identity, improving security measures while streamlining the verification processes.

The HID L Scan biometric system has a precision optical block and an image sensor that was designed specifically to deliver the highest resolution images on the market. The result produces astonishingly minute details, supporting improved “lights out” search performance and latent examination capabilities. Proprietary FlexFlat and FlexRoll features enable acquisition of palm print images regardless of positioning on the platen, while patented auto-capture functionality ensures rapid capture of high-quality images—allowing booking officers to focus on safety while our systems ensure sequencing, positioning and print quality. Simplified and automated capture minimizes rejections due to poor print quality.
Key Benefits:

  • Rapid and error-free image capture with patented “Auto-Capture” feature
  • Increase efficiency to automatically capture fingerprints and palms regardless of positioning on the platen
  • Reliable, superior image quality in either 500 PPI (HID L Scan 500) or 1000 PPI (L Scan 1000) resolution
  • Reduce capture time with intuitive user guidance and smart buttons
  • Optional components: Silicone membrane for dry fingers, cleaning kit, foot pedal, adaptor for HID Livescan Cabinet
  • SDK: HID L Scan Essentials (included)
  • Software (optional): HID ArcID Software Suite, HID BioCore Middleware, HID Livescan Management Software (LSMS), HID Mission Oriented Biometric Software (MOBS)

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HID® L Scan™ Tenprint and Palm Scanners