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Photographic Kits

Computer Guard offers photo capturing and uploading utility kit that is mainly used for interfacing with our TAGWare badge issuance software. It enables an instant high quality image capturing and loading of the employee’s portrait for whom an ID card is issued.

ערכות צילום להנפקת תגים
מצלמת ווב

The Photo Kit includes:

  1. Microsoft lifeCam Cinema Web camera or an equivalent camera.
  2. A photography software that is embedded in the TAGWare card issuance  system and is provided as an AddOn
  • This advanced package is adapted to work with WEB cameras identified in the operating system as Camera Web Device.
  • Option to select a camera from the list of cameras identified in the operating system.
  • Option to select the picture resolution.
  • Importing the image into the badge issuance software at the computer, without physically interacting with the camera.
  • Efficiently captures the desired image on the first attempt.

Option for a desktop tripod for an additional fee.