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ABS RFID Keychain Tag

The ABS Keychain Family is a very mature product line which has been used in the access control and security applications for many years. These keychain tags are available with different popular RFID ICs such as EM and Temic low Frequency – 125KHz, Mifare High Frequency – 13.56MHz and more

תג מחזיק מפתחות קרבה ABS
תג קרבה אפוקסי RFID

Epoxy RFID Tag

RFID key-fob which is covered with a resin dome to protect its surface. The key-fob can be entirely customized and the Chip technology can be selected – TK4100 (LF 125 KHz) EM4200 (LF 125 Khz) NXP Mifare Classic (HF 13.56MHz) and more

Computer Guard HID’s business partner in ISRAEL offers a selection of  HID RFID Tags. in fact,  HID has been offering  the most diverse and flexible line of tracking tags, beacons and transponders in the market, backed with more than two decades of RFID development and manufacturing expertise. Innovative engineering, patented processes and ISO 9001-2008 certified facilities ensure to be the trusted resource for RFID products. 

HID’s selection of RFID Tags includes:

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תגי RFID מבית HID Global
תגי RFID מבית HID Global