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Food Tagging Solution

Tagging Solution – Our Solution for Displaying Price Tags and Product Details on High-Quality Plastic Cards Intended and Approved for Food and/or Other Products Presented on a Display.

This is the best solution for displaying prices and products, including a variety of options to create high-quality tagging labels easily and quickly – a perfect solution for producing small and large quantities.

All you need is our user-friendly design software that can operate on all types of computers, a printer from the existing variety, dedicated printing ribbons, and, of course, suitable cards. The software comes with a range of built-in designs suitable for the food industry, but you can design any type of layout as needed.

כרטיסי שילוט למזון
כרטיסי שילוט למזון

Our professional solutions were specifically designed to meet the needs of shops, hotels, delicatessens, and restaurants, but they can be used for marking any type of product.

Everything is done in an elegant, attractive, and easy-to-operate manner, and the cards can be washed for continuous use.

An additional advantage of the system is the ability to print various other types of cards, such as employee cards, club cards, gift cards, and more.