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Labels and Tags Issuance System

A system for signage tags and labels issuance is a system that allows you to Intuitively create signage tags for the food stores and buffets where the presentation of the fine and exotic food is as important as the quality of it like in delicatessens, bakeries, boutique hotels, fine restaurants and more. The system includes the following elements:

  • Software – for designing tags and printing them. The software is already provided with a variety of predefined designs suitable for the food world, but any type of design can be designed with it as needed.
  • A database containing the information to be displayed in tags. The information may include the product name, product code, price, brand logo, etc.
  • Printer for printing the tags – a ID card printer with which you can also print on food signage tags.
  • Plastic Cards for price labeling – Food Certified plastic card which are authorized to presented in food product environments
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מעדנייה שילוט מזון

This all-in-one solutions can benefit many food oriented businesses, including:

  • Retail stores that use signage tags to provide information to customers about products.
  • Factories that use signage tags to mark products or ingredients.
  • Organizations that use signage tags for various purposes, such as advertising or marketing.

Another advantage of the system is the possibility to print additional card types such as employee cards, club cards, gift cards and more.