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SecuCARD – Proof of Identity

SecuTAG Proof of Identity represents a highly secure ID card system that stands impervious to copying or duplication. This technology leads identity cards and security measures into the contemporary era, prioritizing the safeguarding of individuals.

Each personalized ID card contains a trusted identity. When this card is tapped against a mobile phone or any other NFC (Near Field Communication) compatible device, an instantaneous validation of its authenticity is achieved. Upon tapping, the NFC device receives a unique cryptographic code embedded within the tag, subsequently unveiling all associated data and images on the device. No additional applications, downloads, or complications are necessary.

מערכת SecuTAG, לאימות זהות (Proof Of Identity)
מערכת SecuTAG, לאימות זהות (Proof Of Identity)

This innovative system allows for visual confirmation of identity through a direct comparison with the photo on the card. Moreover, it offers the convenience of displaying personal information of the card holder like training records, permits and validities and more.

SecuTAG Proof of Identity offers a real-time notification system to differentiate between a genuine secure ID card and someone attempting to copy or share the URL code, or manually input it into a web browser. This feature prevents the repeated use of a URL without a physical tap, leading to verification failure and rendering the tag impossible to clone.