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Monitoring and Security of Facilities in Sensitive Areas

Technological advancements in the IoT world have led to new developments in various fields globally. This wave of innovation has also impacted the security sector, which has seen significant growth in recent years. The use of smart components to enhance security systems within organizations has become more prevalent.

The current perception of security within organizations relies on the following principles:

  1. Area Definition and Boundary Setting
  2. Utilization of access controls such as employee badges, fingerprint scans, facial recognition, and security cameras
  3. Incorporation of human factors, including security personnel
ניטור ואבטחת מתקנים באיזורים רגישים
איזורים רגישים

However, the existing security framework faces several key challenges:

  1. Boundary Definition and Limitation: Some areas remain open and vulnerable, making physical boundary definition difficult. The need for physical limitations restricts flexibility in managing internal security protocols.
  2. Utilization of Access Controls: Monitoring movement within the organization primarily occurs at control points (e.g., badge readers, fingerprint scans). In many cases, the nature of work doesn’t allow for the placement of numerous control points.
  3. Human Factor Utilization: The cost of human resources is high, and maintaining vigilance and alertness over time can be challenging.

The technological solution we offer is based on an intelligent system developed in collaboration with leading companies in asset monitoring within an organization’s security space. This system revolutionizes the perception of security, making it more efficient within the organization and reducing the reliance on the human factor.

With this system, it’s possible to identify authorized and unauthorized individuals within the security space conveniently, without the need for facial recognition cameras that often require strict compliance from the organization. The system integrates multiple technologies from the security and IoT realms and executes intelligent logic between them.

ניטור ואבטחת מתקנים באיזורים רגישים
ניטור ואבטחת מתקנים באיזורים רגישים

The system enables customers to control and manage operational areas effectively by addressing various needs:

  1. Digital Security Boundary Setting: The system allows for digital and virtual area definition without the need for physical limitations. This solution addresses the challenge of controlling open and vulnerable spaces.
  2. Access Control: It enables monitoring and locating individuals entering secured premises, both with and without identification badges, and presents this information to the control center.
  3. Real-Time Monitoring: The system provides real-time surveillance of the routes of entry permittees.
  4. Data Security: The solution can be implemented both as an external cloud solution and as an On-Premise solution to comply with organizational regulations.