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Printed Plastic Cards

Computer Guard specializes in the design and production of stylish identification cards. Whether you already have ready-made graphics or whether you want to use the services of our graphics department, we will produce plastic cards for you in any design and any texture. We will adjust the printing technology according to the complexity of the design you have chosen and according to the required quantity and availability. Fast and high-quality digital prints can be made, special silk prints if a special shade and/or metallic colors are required, and amazing offset prints for large-scale projects, usually most prints are made on inner layers of white PVC, but of course you can choose the type and color of the material, starting with completely transparent plastic or up to an inner layer of colored PVC for a completely different level of appearance.

All of our cards are Pre-Printed, that is, that the artwork is printed on the inner layers of the card and therefore called “printing between the layers” so that the outer, transparent layers of the card protect the artwork print from wear and fading. You can add special effects such as UV printing, hot stamping (metallic logo stamping) and security measures to protect against copying and counterfeiting. In this way, cards can be produced for many uses such as: employee card, student cards, club cards, gift cards, banking cards, key cards for hotels, various certificate cardד, licenses and many more.

In general, the cards will be required to undergo personalization, that is, the printing of variable details such as: name, photo, identification numbers and other data. Our cards are produced so that the background graphics are ready for the personalization stage and the customer can purchase a plastic card printer in order to complete the printing of the variable details independently.

Alternatively, we can print the personal variable data digitally already together with the printing of the background graphics, this action saves time and money for the customer and also improves the card’s protection against external wear. To do this, all that is required is to send us a data file in advance, or allow us an interface to a database of The client where the data is stored. This is the time to point out that our company is ISO27001 certified for information security and we work extremely carefully on the security of customer data for the execution of each project.