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SecuCARD – Proof of Presence

SecuGUARD Proof of Presence provides trusted proof that a person was at a given location at specific times, allowing proof of servicing times, security patrols, visit periods and other time/location-based events. An efficient and effective solution for managing services, SecuGUARD allows you to demonstrate professionalism and compliance as well as saving you time and money.

מערכת הוכחת נוכחות
מערכת הוכחת נוכחות - – Proof of Presence

SecuGUARD Secure NFC Tags are installed as checkpoints at key building locations, or on fixed assets and each tag is activated with the tap of a low-cost Near Field Communication (NFC) device. This simple tap is all that the person needs to deliver trusted proof of presence at a given checkpoint. If a report is required, a proprietary application can be engaged on the mobile device, providing immediate feedback to team members or managers, via photo, video, or text entries. This allows action to be taken quickly, whatever the issue.

How does it work? – At each checkpoint, a unique trusted NFC tag will be affixed. The guard patrolling the area will tap his mobile device to the tag and immediately receive an indication of the confirmation of the reading that will be identified and recorded in the system. Every tap on the tag instantly generates a time and place stamp on the mobile phone and the data is transmitted in real time to the control room. Unlike a QR based reconnaissance system that can be photographed, copy and falsely reported, in the SecuGUARD system, only physical proximity tapping made at the designated checkpoint, between a mobile phone and a badge, is validated and reported as a normal operation, any other attempt to “full the system” is recorded as an unusual action, alerted and reported to the organization’s security officer. SecuGUARD is a cloud-based system, In cooperation with MYTAG from England. no special installations or dedicated infrastructure are required. Everything is based on use via the Internet.

מערכת הוכחת נוכחות
מערכת הוכחת נוכחות

Another added value – Incident photography, documentation, and reporting. The SecuGUARD system includes additional functionality for documenting and reporting problems and malfunctions from the field, when a guard arrives at a checkpoint and taps the badge, a reporting screen opens on his mobile phone through which he can report failures, malfunctions, and problems in real time. For example: a broken lock, a breach in the fence, a broken door, etc. Any such report is immediately uploaded to the system, documented, and may be referred for follow up actions according to the need and urgency of the case.