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Real Time Location Systems

Our Location Services is a Foundational Location Platform powered by a Bluetooth to Wi-Fi network,delivering Location-Aware Data to address people, high-valued assets and Equipment Monitoring Applications.

פתרון ה-RTLS של BluVision
bluzone cloud

Our unique, Bluetooth® Low Energy-based Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) and products set the industry standard for physical asset tracking with 2-meter accuracy.

An object-based approach provides the precise location of people and objects, the condition of key equipment and actionable insights to address or prevent problems. Our Bluzone™ mobile application is used to calibrate the system for maximum precision.

ניטור מיקום בזמן אמת

A zone-based approach allows for knowing when a person or asset is in a specific area with rules set by the customer. Because a precise location isn’t required, zone-based RTLS requires no calibration and can be quickly set up and installed. Both approaches are native to our scalable and multi-featured RTLS suite.